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Holidaying at home this year?

With the warmer months fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to get your pool area ‘holiday’ ready with a fresh coat of paint! What better way to start than with a FREE pool appraisal conducted by the paint and coating experts at Inspirations Paint?

When it comes to painting pools, it's vital that the job is done right - and with the right products. Our comprehensive, on-site pool appraisal will help you determine;

  • what products are suited to your type of pool

  • how to best approach the job (we'll advise how best to do it yourself or recommend the right professional to get the job done)

  • what's achievable with your budget

We can also provide advice on how to jazz up the surrounding pool area considering your goals, budget and future market value.





Is your pool looking a bit worse for wear? We stock all the best pool paint brands to bring it back to its glory days!

Inspirations Paint CQ Pool Paint

Looking to build or renovate a deck around your pool? Or has your wooden furniture seen better days? Explore our woodcare range today!

Inspirations Paint CQ Woodcare Deck

There's nothing like new flooring when it comes to jazzing up a pool-side patio or pergola. We have a range of maintenance-free flooring solutions including Sealers and Roll-on Tile.

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