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Creating an Entrance

How to paint your front door for maximum impact

When planning a renovation most of us are focused on bigger areas like the kitchen or bathroom. These projects take time and a healthy budget, and aren’t always possible in the short term. One of the easiest ways to add personality and atmosphere to your home is to update the entrance.

Remember, the entry to your house is the first thing people see when they arrive, and the last thing they remember when they leave. It can be the thing that makes your house stand out, adding that all important street appeal. Giving your front door a new paint job can be just the thing to transform a house into your home.

Image Source: Coco Kelley

Image Source: Houzz

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Here are five steps to creating a perfectly painted front door.

Step 1:

Remove the front door from the doorframe and place on sawhorses or a stable bench. (Remember to use a drop sheet underneath!). Remove any hardware like handles and hinges from the door.

Step 2:

Mask any glass panels and clean the door with sugar soap. Allow enough time for the door to dry.

Step 3:

If the existing paint on the door is in good condition then you don’t need to worry about using a primer. If not, apply one coat of oil-based primer before painting.

Step 4:

Once the primer is dry, apply one coat of paint, painting from the top to the bottom of the door. Leave to dry and then repeat.

Step 5:

Once the paint on the door is dry, and you are happy with the coverage, re-attach the hardware and hang the door.

Oh, and remember to choose a paint finish that is suitable for exterior use. We would recommend high gloss aqua enamel paint for a front door, but if you are unsure stop by your local Paint Place for advice.

Exteriors Help Sell Houses

If you want to attract buyers to your home, street appeal is very important. Houses with lovely exteriors can sell faster, lift moods and convey a warm welcome.

Believe it not, first impressions have a large effect and improving the street appeal of your home can increase the value significantly when it comes time to sell. Reality is that the old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" doesn't apply to real estate. The street appeal of your property will either draw potential buyers into your home or turn them away before they even make it inside.

Transforming your street appeal doesn't have to be difficult. With little effort and just a few small changes, including a new coat of paint on the entryway, you can change the overall look and inject new life into your tired home. Remember, the entry way is the first thing your buyers will see when entering your home and the last point they will pass through when leaving. By creating a warm, inviting and memorable entry way that your buyers will love can help you achieve success in the selling of your property.

Image Source: Houzz


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