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4-Step Flooring Facelift

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Four to the floor! Time to give those concrete floors a face-lift! Whether it be for your garden shed or garage floor, or industrial workplace, we have a wide range of quality, industrial-grade protective coatings to select from, as well as top-grade equipment to purchase or hire.

Our Luxafloor range provides protection against abrasion and staining, offering durable results as well as a slip-resistant finish.

Here's a 4-step guide for epoxy flooring:

1. Preparation

- Go over your floors with a diamond grinder or Polyvac substrate

- Make sure at the time of application that your floors are free from moisture

- If there are any cracks, fill these with an APC epoxy putty or simple Concrete Repair Kit

2. Priming

- Apply a coat of a quality primer (contact us for specifications)

- Leave to cure for 24 hours

3. Second coat

- Repeat step 2 by applying your priming coat and leaving for an additional 24 hours

4. Top coat (optional)

- Apply an expert-recommended protective coating paint

- Leave to dry for 24 hours, and only maintain light foot traffic for a further 24 hours

- Full curing usually takes 7 days

With our 'Find A Painter' service, you can have the job done for you by our professional qualified painters. Rest assured that all of our contractors are practicing strict WH&S protocol and social distancing measures.

For more info and specialist recommendations, phone your nearest store.

Contact us today!

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