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Refresh the Entrance to Your Home!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The good ol' Australian verandah - where we wile away our afternoons with a nice hot cup of tea. While we're experiencing the perfect conditions for outdoor painting, why not give it a revamp?

Here’s how to get the perfect look:

1) Gather inspiration

What do you want the final result to look like? Inspiration can come from anywhere. Try looking online and putting together a moodboard.

2) Select a colour scheme

Use colour schemes from your research, or book a FaceTime Colour Consult with our design consultant, Karen, for help. Then trial your scheme using sample pots and A4 swatches.

3. Get painting

  • Start by cutting in around the edges and hard to reach areas using Dulux Weathershield.

  • Apply paint to the surface using short, horizontal brush strokes.

  • Smooth over the wet painted section with long brush strokes. Do not reload the brush when you do this, a few strokes should be enough to smooth the surface.

  • Repeat this process for the second coat. Allow to dry, then give the surface a light sand with 400 grit sandpaper and repeat for a second coat.

  •  If painting bare timber a third coat will need to be applied.

Follow the video below for a step-by-step guide:

Get all the gear you need, along with the expert advice on how to get the best results, from your local Inspirations Paint team. Give us a call today:

ROCKHAMPTON: 4924 7200

YEPPOON: 4939 1144

GLADSTONE: 4972 9651

EMERALD: 4982 4466

BUNDABERG: 4152 8244

AFTER HOURS: 0407 760 573


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