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Inspirations Paint CQ Abrasive Blasting

At Inspirations Paint, we supply a wide range of Abrasive Blasting Equipment, Grit and Consumables to suit all of your blast cleaning requirements big and small.


When selecting the most suitable abrasive media, the type of surface, the condition of an existing protective coating and the desired finish all need to be considered. Our Industrial Paint coating specialist, Bob, is always available to help guide you in selecting the right blast grit and equipment for the job.

Inspirations Paint CQ Garent 30/60 Grit

Garnet is one of the most highly sought-after grits used for abrasive blasting due to the uniformity of its grains and the fact that it is almost entirely free from embedment, allowing reuse of media and a perfect surface for coating.

We sell 30/60 Garnet and 30/60 Premium Garnet grit in the following weights;

  • 1 tonne bulkers

  • 25kg / 1 tonne bulkers

  • Individual 25kg bags


30/60 GRIT

Inspirations Paint CQ Crushed Glass


Often used for blasting boats and marine craft, crushed glass are good as a light-duty stripping media and are considered generally environmentally safe. It’s a less aggressive media so it isn’t great for heavy stripping, but it leaves a smooth, satin matte finish and provides less stress to the surface being blasted.

Inspirations Paint CQ Blast Equipment

We sell an extensive range of high quality, professional abrasive blasting equipment and consumables including sprayers, dust collectors, masks and personal protective gear. 





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