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Inspirations Paint CQ Commercial Mining & Heavy Industry

With over 50 years' experience in the CQ market, we pride ourselves on the ability to work with clients to offer innovative, cost effective solutions by providing high quality multi-branded products and services. 

Inspirations Paint CQ specialises in assisting clients to identify and select paint products, protective coatings and speciality chemicals that will protect and repair assets, and improve asset condition to extend asset life, increase availability, reduce downtime, maintain value and increase asset return on investment. 

Inspirations Pain CQ Commercial Products and services

We source and supply from leading paint brands and accessory suppliers, including Akzo Nobel (International), Dulux Protective Coatings and Protec providing our customers with the best possible solutions to meet their needs. 




to ensure the right product for all applications including Akzo Nobel (International), Dulux Protection Coating, Carboline, Haymes and APC. 

Inspirations Paint CQ


and lower stock holdings for the end applicator. 


and additional guaranteed supply in a crisis to the end applicator. 

Inspirations Paint CQ


project specifications and inspections. 


in the paint industry supplying paint products and services. 

Inspirations Paint CQ
Inspirations Paint CQ
Inspirations Paint CQ
Inspirations Paint CQ Commercial Mining & Heavy Industry Product Range
Inspirations Paint CQ Commercial Protective Coatings Specialist

Meet Our Protective Coatings

Sales Specialist

Bob Shields is our Nace 2 Coating Inspector and Protective Coatings Sales Specialist. He has a particular interest and professional industry knowledge in chemical linings for the alumina, oil and gas industry.  

Bob has had over 30 years experience in the Heavy Protective Coatings industry, working with renowned brands such as Wattyl, Jotun Paints and International Paints. He has also been mentored over the years by some of the leading coating engineers in Australia.

Some of the major projects that Bob has been involved in supplying coatings to throughout their construction include the Wiggins Island Coal Terminal and the three LNG plants on Curtis Island. The latter saw him supply over $4 million in coatings.

Bob has also been involved with the Gantry Restoration project at Gladstone Ports Corp, which has seen International Paints hold key supply arrangements at the Gladstone Ports Corp now for five years.  

Bob still maintains a strong presence on all sites where he supports a number of local engineering teams undergoing their QA and preparing the ITPs. He is also familiar in dealing with both Project Engineers and Project Managers on site and at a head office level.

The Inspirations team, who managed the logistical supply issues for International/AkzoNobel to all projects, has been an integral supporter of Bob’s success over the years.

Our brand partners

Inspirations Paint CQ Client List

We currently supply to the mines and resources sector delivering in full and on time.


Our list of clients include:

  • Councils

  • Government organisations

  • Mining companies

  • Resource sector 


Inspirations Paint CQ Logistics Support

The growth and success of Inspirations Paint CQ has resulted in the expansion of facilities, backed by a culture of continuous improvement towards the capability and efficiency of the company. 

The objective is to continually drive improved products and services, location, delivery and quality. 

Our facilities comprise of five store locations in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Gladstone, Emerald and Bundaberg. 


Inspirations Paint CQ Technical Support

Inspirations Paint CQ provide fully qualified teams of technical representatives both in-house and through our extensive supplier network to service our clients. This advice includes technical paint specification requirements and warranties which are dependent on project conditions. 

Supporting the development of project maintenance painting systems and asset protection reliability. 



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