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Inspirations Paint CQ Pool Paint

At Inspirations Paint CQ we understand that painting a pool isn't a common task and so we are always here to help. We provide a pool specification service that involves our expert and experienced Paint Guy performing an onsite inspection of your pool. Following the inspection he can then discuss options with you and provide you with the right advice so you can do it yourself. Alternatively, if you are looking for someone to do the job for you, our Paint Guy can recommend the perfect applicator and process to get your pool in pristine condition.

We can help with new pools, old pools and already painted pools. Our specification service is definitely recommended to ensure your pool makeover or installation remains luxurious and easy to maintain for as long as possible. 


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Inspirations Paint CQ Pool Paint Products
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Inspirations Paint CQ Pool Paint Brands
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Inspirations Paint CQ Pool Pait products

At Inspirations Paint CQ we stock a range of pool paint products suitable for all pool types from new pools, previously painted pools and old pools. We have products suitable for fibreglass, marble sheen, concrete and previously painted epoxies including:

  • Epoxy Coatings

  • Chlorinated Rubber Coatings

  • Cleaners and Fillers 

All of our pool products come in a range of different colours so you can create the perfect looking pool for your home. 


Inspirations Paint CQ Poo brands


We stock all the best pool paint brands including Luxapool, APC (All Purpose Coatings), Nutech and Apco. Head instore today and talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss all our pool painting options.

Inspirations Paint CQ Pool Paint Luxapool

Luxapool is Australia's #1 premium swimming pool paint brand and has been the benchmark in domestic pool finishes for over 45 years. Advantages include;

  • broad range of paint colour choices

  • application over a range of surfaces, including cement render, pebblecrete, fibreglass and epoxy

  • smooth safe finish that doesn't snag or sratch

  • hygienic coating reduces chemical usage

  • leading pool coating technology keeps water cooler in summer


How To


Pool Paint Care Guide
Inspirations Paint CQ Pool Paint Care Guide
Painting an Epoxy Pool
Inspirations Paint CQ Epoxy Pool
Painting a Fibreglass Pool
Inspirations Paint CQ Fibreglass Pool
Pool Paint Calculator
Inspirations Paint CQ Pool Paint Calculator


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