Inspirations Paint CQ Concrete Coatings

Whether it's an old, stained driveway that's looking a bit worse for wear or a concrete pathway that's tinted with mould, a lick of paint can do wonders when it comes to sprucing up the exterior of your home. We've got a range of concrete coating products that'll help revive and resurface anything from paths and driveways to walls and patios.


We also provide a specification service that involves our expert and experienced Paint Guy performing an onsite inspection and then recommending an approved applicator to get the job done. Inspirations Paint CQ can then be a part of the project management so you don't have to worry about it.


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Inspirations Paint CQ Concrete products
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Inspirations Paint CQ Concrete paint brands
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Inspirations Paint CQ Concrete Coating Products

At Inspirations Paint CQ we have an extensive range of concrete coating products available for all project types including;

  • Concrete Sealers for Driveways and Paths

  • Industrial/Commercial Flooring Coatings

  • Roll-on Tile

  • Acrylic Texture Paint for Rendered surfaces

  • Waterproofing and Protective Coatings


Inspirations Paint CQ Concrete Coating Brands


We stock all the best brands in the business including Dulux Avista, Luxafloor, Roll-on Tile, Dulux AcraTex and Emer. Head in-tore today and talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss which of these great products will be best for your next project.

 Inspirations Paint CQ Concrete Coating Avista

Avista’s range of decorative concrete products can add colour, texture and patterns to the concrete surfaces around your home or commercial space. The product range includes applications for new concrete as well as for rejuvenating existing concrete surfaces to a fresh new look.


Avista’s products are designed for both residential and commercial projects and include oxides for colouring new concrete, exterior resurfacing products, internal flooring epoxy products, concrete sealers as well as stamped impression and stencil pattern applications.


Inspirations Paint CQ Roll on Tile

Developed and manufactured in Australia for Paint Specialists, Roll-On Tile is a professional standard, hard-wearing decorative coating for old and new concrete. It can be tinted to colours that closely resemble natural stone and tile finishes. 

The 3 part paint system and application kit come together with a comprehensive training video and access to a Roll-On Tile expert hotline, making it the perfect DIY solution for high quality results in a cost and time effective manner. 




Apply Roll-on Tile
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Re-surface a Driveway
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Maintain Acrylic Texture
Inspirations Paint CQ How to maintain acrylic texture
Re-Seal a Driveway
Inspirations Paint CQ How to re-seal a driveway