Inspirations Paint CQ Products & Services

We supply all leading broad wall paint brands for interior and exterior application, plus an extensive range of specialist paint solutions, to contractors, professional painters and applicators. 

We also supply trade paint and accessories to backyarders and craftsmen.

Our trade services include:

  • Onsite delivery

  • Equipment Hire & Repair

  • Demo Spray Booth

  • Colour Matching

  • Colour Consulting

  • On-site Specification and Support

  • Supplier Representative Support


We are Trade Destination Centres for:

Inspirations Paint CQ Commercial Paint Accessories

Our accessories include:

  • Fillers

  • Tapes

  • Abrasives

  • Drop cloths

  • Brushes rollers

  • Spray guns



We stock all the major architectural paint and accessories brands


We work with suppliers reps and specialists and you can contact them directly to obtain any necessary support you require. For and product and application support, you can contact the following: 

Do the volunteers need to use their own money to pay for the WCP fee?

WCP works on a volunteering-fundraising basis. Volunteers will be required to fundraise an amount of RM1200 per person (for coral team) or RM870 per person (for turtle team) prior to the physical trip in August. CM will guide volunteers to conduct group fundraising. However, volunteers are free to choose if they want to fundraise as a group or as an individual

What is included in the Wildlife Conservation Project fee?

The WCP fee covers the payments for a 6D5N accommodation, meals, logistics, transportation, equipment and project fees for the collaborating NGOs. CM does not take any of the fundraised amount. All of this amount will go towards the conservation effort.

Will there be any overlap of activities between the two teams?

The two teams will be doing different activities at different places on a daily basis but will come together for a number of joint activities. These include a one-day community service event, a 3-day tuition class programme with the local kids and daily team discussions.

I am interested in joining the Coral Team but I do not have a diving licence. What should I do?

CM will arrange for volunteers to acquire a PADI Open Water Diver licence at Perhentian Island. Those who wish to obtain a diving licence are required to arrive at the island 3 days before the planned WCP start date. The cost of the Diving Licence will be at the volunteer’s own expense.

Do the volunteers need to be able to swim?

No. We welcome all volunteers but priority will be given to outdoor enthusiasts who are comfortable in the water and the sea, and are willing to learn. Safety is our utmost priority. Thus, life jackets will be provided for every activity.

What if our team is unable to achieve the fundraising goal?

If the team is unable to meet the fundraising target, the volunteers will be required to cover any balance after CM's attempt to adjust the project budget and schedule accordingly.

Is the fundraising going to be done individually or as a group?

Fundraising will be done as a group. The team will be given a minimum amount to fundraise prior to the project.

What if there is a travel restriction/Movement Control Order in August?

Charisma Movement will be strictly complying to the SOPs released by the Malaysian Government and will not be approving any action from our projects that will violate the said SOPs. If restrictions are set at the time of the project starting date, CM will convene and discuss the proceedings of the project. However, if the project is cancelled, the volunteers can decide on the beneficiaries of the fundraised amount for the project.

What are the COVID-19 precautionary measures that CM plans to undertake for WCP?

CM will follow the Standard Operating Procedures throughout the whole project. It is compulsory for all volunteers to get a COVID-19 screening swab test prior to the trip. CM will reimburse volunteers for the price of the screening tests (terms and conditions apply).

Where will we be staying?

Volunteers will stay at a private homestay on Pulau Perhentian itself, to ensure safety distancing between volunteers and the local people.

What if I am unable to join the pre-departure event and post-take event due to classes?

We are looking for highly committed individuals who can participate in the entirety of the from June to August. It is compulsory for everyone in the team to fundraise, attend the pre-departure training and participate in the school attack. Volunteers must pose a valid reason for their absence.