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Inspirations Paint CQ Woodcare

Whether you are re-coating a deck, or restoring a dining table, Inspirations Paint CQ has all the woodcare products and accessories you will need for your project. 

We know that woodcare can get confusing, and the question looms of should I oil, stain or paint my deck? This is a crucial decision in ensuring you get the perfect finish. Our friendly team can certainly help you make the right decision and provide some handy tips for your project. 

Head in store today and to find out more about achieving the best results possible. 

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Woodcare Products
Inspirations Paint CQ Woodcare Products
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Inspirations Paint CQ Woodcare brands
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Inspirations Paint CQ Wooden Interior


Wood care isn't just looking after the wood found on the exterior of your home, your interior wood needs just as much attention. At Inspirations Paint CQ we can help with all your interior wood care needs, whether it be flooring, furniture, wood panelling, stair rails or benchtops. 

Inspirations Paint CQ Woodcare Products

At Inspirations Paint CQ we stock a range of different woodcare products including:

  • Wood Stain

  • Decking Oil 

  • Decking Paint

  • Epoxy Resins

Head into one of our Inspirations Paint stores today and talk with one of our friendly team who recommend the right woodcare products for your project.



Inspirations Paint CQ woodcare brands


We stock all the best woodcare brands including Haymes, Intergrain, Cabot's, Feast Watson, Sikkens and APC. Head instore today and talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss all our woodcare options.

Inspirations Paint CQ APC River Table

River Tables are a popular, modern piece of furniture turned into artwork. They are made using wood and epoxy resins which provides a stunning contrast between the natural beauty of the wood, and the modern colourful finish of Metallic Epoxy.

APC coating manufacture a wide range of clear resins, metallic tints and solid colour tints for the purpose of creating River Tables.


For more information about how to make one for yourself, contact Brett Morrison on 0407 760 573.





Revive Old Outdoor Furniture
Inspirations Paint CQ Woodcare Revivce old outdoor funiture
Spruce up your Deck
Inspirations Paint CQ Woodcare deck
Re-Coat your Timber Floors
Inspirations Paint CQ Woodcare Re-coat your timber floors
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