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Restore Furniture with a Spray Gun

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Paint sprayers are very useful for painting large areas quickly. These painting devices are available in different sizes, types, and power ranges, and are very popular because they are so easy to use. At Inspirations we have a full range of airless spray guns and paint sprayers perfect for the weekend warrior up to the professional painter.

Painting with a sprayer is much faster than using a paintbrush or roller. The tiny particles of paint emitted from the sprayer ensure complete and quick coverage in every nook and corner of a wall or a piece of furniture. Paint rollers can’t easily access the corners of walls or small spaces because of their shape. Plus, if you try to force the roller in, you will likely end up with scratches on the surface or splotches of wet paint. However, you can eliminate this problem by using a paint sprayer instead, designed to spray a fine mist to get to hard-to-reach spots.

Check out the below video from the crew at Wagner showing how you can restore a dining table using their paint sprayer.

Get all the gear you need, along with the expert advice on how to get the best results, from your local Inspirations Paint team. Give us a call today:

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