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Refresh your windows and trims

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Refreshing the doors, windows and trim in a room can give it a new lease on life. In high traffic areas especially, a repaint can really transform the room, giving it a clean, crisp finish. Enamel paint is the best choice, as it breathes new life into old doors, windows and trim by giving it a durable, long lasting finish.

When deciding on what paint to use, we recommend Dulux Aquanamel. Not only does it have an a smooth flow technology for a smooth finish, it also is water based for an easier clean up versus other oil based enamel paints. When you are choosing this paint it is important to consider the type of finish you want: Gloss: Achieves a highly reflective finish that gives a much more intense look. It is recommended for high traffic areas as it is very durable and easy to wash. Typically a more traditional finish. Semi-Gloss: Provides a glossy finish, but not as brilliant as a Gloss. It offers good stain resistance, is durable and is easy to wash. Semi-Gloss is more popular in contemporary styled rooms and homes.

Get all the gear you need, along with the expert advice on how to get the best results, from your local Inspirations Paint team. Give us a call today:

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