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Refurbish Your Farming Equipment

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Maintaining well-used equipment can be a big task, but the right products and advice makes it a lot easier!

The first step is to ascertain what kind of treatment your equipment will need, whether it is in need of a full overhaul to eradicate rust and flaking paint, or whether you’re looking to paint brand new steel. Our easy-to-apply Dulux Metalshield range covers a variety of suitabilities, even down to hiding dents, scratches or weld joints.

If you’ve got quite a large piece of equipment to work on, you can also hire or purchase our auto sprayer equipment for faster, more seamless application.

Watch the video below for examples on how you can go about repainting your metal surfaces, both new or old:

For expert advice and the right recommendations for your farming equipment, give us a call today:

ROCKHAMPTON: 4924 7200

YEPPOON: 4939 1144

GLADSTONE: 4972 9651

EMERALD: 4982 4466

BUNDABERG: 4152 8244

AFTER HOURS: 0407 760 573


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