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Spray Guns at the Ready!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Combine our quality paint products with a top-of-the-range automotive sprayer, and you’ve got yourself a made match! While sprayers can make light work of just about any painting job, it's important that they're properly maintained in order to stay user friendly into the future.

Pro tip:

When using a sprayer, it’s tempting to leave paint in the canister for the next time you get to your painting job. However, this actually leads to a shorter life span of your equipment. Make sure you empty the sprayer in between jobs, especially if it’s going to be longer than a day until you are able to get back to the job.

View the video below for some tips and tricks to extending the life of your equipment:

Keen to try spray painting for yourself? You can either purchase or hire spray equipment at one of our five stores:

ROCKHAMPTON: 4924 7200

YEPPOON: 4939 1144

GLADSTONE: 4972 9651

EMERALD: 4982 4466

BUNDABERG: 4152 8244

AFTER HOURS: 0407 760 573


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