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Inspirations Paint CQ Home Improvements


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Inspirations Paint CQ Home Improvements

If you are interested in improving your home and think it may need more than just a lick of paint, Inspirations Paint CQ can help. 

Don't spend your time meeting with trades and running around trying to obtain quotes, let us help organise the whole process for you, from the first inspection right through to the finished makeover. We will be there every step of the way to ensure your home improvement project is worry free. 

Inspirations Paint CQ Our Services

Our Home Improvement service includes an onsite inspection where we will access the works that need to be done. These works could include: 

  • Painting and Decorating 

  • Carpentry 

  • Plumbing 

  • Electrical

  • Gardening

  • Project Management


Inspirations Paint CQ Our Process

We want your home improvements project to be worry free and exciting so we have developed a comprehensive process to help make the project as easy as possible. Our process starts with a home visit and from there we will table a proposal of the work to be done. Once you are happy with the proposal, we can start work. We will then manage the entire project for you right up until completion. 


After your project is complete, we offer a Maintenance Program that will allow us to ensure your home stays looking spruced for as long as possible.