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Give the Bath a Makeover this Easter!

We recently performed a DIY project here at Paint Place CQ and transformed an old and tired bathtub into a modern masterpiece.

It is amazing how different the space can look with just a simple coat of paint on the bathtub. The bathroom now breathes a breath of fresh air when you walk inside and the overall look of the room has changed dramatically. Do you have an old bathtub that needs some love and attention? Why not put this on the project list for Easter.

The process is simple with only a few quick and easy steps.

Step 1:

Clean the bathtub with diamond impregnated sanding block and wipe out with solvent.

Step 2:

Remove any rust using a mechanical sander and rust neutraliser.

Step 3:

Add 3 coats of primer using 2 pack Epoxy Primer.

Step 4:

Sand back the primer to create an even surface all round.

Step 5:

Apply the topcoat with 2 coats of 2 pack Polyurethane gloss to the inside of the tub.

Step 6:

Apply the exterior topcoat with 2 coats of Expoxy Matt Black (or whatever colour you wish).

Our project was completed using a portable HVLP sprayer which can be hired from our Paint Place CQ stores to help you with your project.

Easter is just around the corner and this would be a great weekend project. We are currently offering our YES CLub members 3 FREE Designer Shot Sample Pots this Easter to help get those jobs done around the house. Sign up to our YES Club today to claim this exclusive offer.

If you need any assistance in purchasing the tools and products needed to give your bathtub a makeover this Easter, come and see us and we will be happy to help. We can also offer some further tips and advice to get you painting like a pro.


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