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Create your own Christmas baubles

All you need for this cute lil' Christmas project is some cheap baubles (or old ones you no longer like the colour of) and some chalk paint. Follow along with the instructions below to create your own...


  • Chalk Paint (i.e. Porter's)

  • Skewers or a way to hang the baubles

  • Paint brush

  • Raffia

  • Box

  • Scissors


  1. If you can, remove the top part of the bauble including the string and little gold holder. *If you can’t remove them, you can simply paint over or tape them off and paint around them.

  2. Using the hole at the top where the holder was, push a skewer into the bauble/ornament so it looks like a lolly pop.

  3. Give your ornaments two coats of paint with the chalk paint, letting them dry between coats.

  4. Turn your box upside down so the flat surface faces the top, and use scissors to puncture the box. Push the skewers into the box to let your baubles dry overnight.

  5. When dry, add the little holders back on. You can replace the string with new raffia to match the colour scheme.

This gorgeous project was adapted from Geneva Vanderzeil's original project on Collective Gen.


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