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5 Easy Steps to a Unique Painted Floor

Forget the carpet versus floorboards debate. If your flooring is in need of an update but you’re not sure what to do, try this easy and unique stencilled floor design. The design is perfect for an entranceway, to get that wow! factor as you walk through the door. It would also be ideal for a tranquil, getaway space in the house.

Please note, this DIY is for an interior timber floor. You will need to adapt the process if you have a concrete or paved floor, or if you would like to use this product on exterior flooring. Speak to one of our helpful staff members at Inspirations Paint CQ for more details.

What you will need:

  • Brush

  • 270mm roller kit

  • Stencil of choice

  • Small foam roller kit

  • 5m unbleached muslin fabric

  • Stack of absorbent paper – newspaper or similar

Paint you will need:

  • Haymes Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultracover

  • Haymes Expressions Low Sheen Acrylic in Gloomy Sky

  • Haymes Expressions Low Sheen Acrylic in Whitewash 1

  • Haymes Scumble Medium (this product, mixed with the Whitewash 1, will give the washed-out effect to the floor)

  • Haymes Aqualac Floor in Satin

Step 1: Prep your Floor

Apply your Ultra Premium Prepcoat. As this is a water-based product, it will dry fairly quickly. However, you should allow two hours before applying the main colour.

Step 2: Apply your Main Colour

Apply two coats of Gloomy Sky to the surface. Allow two hours for each coat to dry.

Step 3 - Create the Washed-Out Effect

Once the main colour of your floor has dried, you then need to apply the Haymes Scumble Medium mixed with Haymes Whitewash 1 across the whole surface, to achieve that washed-out effect.

Mix together one part Scumble Medium, one part Whitewash 1 and one part water – this will create a very thin ‘wash’. Check out the Haymes Scumble Medium paint can for more detailed instructions.

Crisscross the Scumble Medium wash over the Gloomy Sky paint with a paintbrush.

Next, roll up a large ball of the muslin fabric, and use this to gently absorb and smudge the wash across the floor to create a cloudy effect.

Work over about 1m2 at a time, until the whole surface is covered. Allow two hours to dry.

Step 4 - Stencil the Pattern

Pour Haymes Whitewash 1 undiluted into the roller tray and roll the foam roller into the paint. Then roll the foam roller out onto some absorbent paper, so that you are left with minimal paint on the foam roller.

Lie the stencil over the floor, and gently roll the foam roller across the stencil. The foam roller should be semi dry because you discarded the excess paint earlier. This will create a light, faded appearance on the floor. The paint also won’t bleed under the stencil – this is very important! Allow two hours to dry.

Step 5 - Protect Against Wear and Tear

Once you have stencilled across the entire surface, apply two coats of Haymes Aqualac Satin to protect against wear and tear.

Allow two hours for the first coat to dry. After the final coat, allow four hours for the paint to completely dry before walking on or using the area.

And there you have it. An easy, DIY stencilled floor that will create an instant wow factor right at your feet!


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