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Accent - Light or Dark?

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

There are many choices on offer when it comes to selecting the right colour scheme for your home. Should you accent architectural details, fences, handrails, balustrades and screens in a light or dark colour? Here are a few tips to take on board:

Go with a breezy white trim, used in conjunction with a darker exterior to accent architectural details such as balustrades and fences. There are several crisp-white colours to select from the Dulux range; ‘Vivid White’, ‘White on White’, ‘Lexicon Quarter’, ‘Casper White Quarter’, and ‘Snowy Mount Half.’ Haymes also has a great range to choose from, including ’Marble Mist’, ‘Bond White’, ‘White on White’ and ‘Modesty White’. According to colour studies white is proven to stand out rather than recede, making white a tried and tested leader in the field of accents.

Image credit: Pinterest

For a complete reversal, try a dark accent for drama against a lighter exterior scheme for example, darken the entry door for further dramatic appeal. Great dark accents from Dulux include; ‘Domino’, ‘Leadman’, ‘Grid’ and ‘Western Mayall’. Haymes offer an equally stunning range of dark tones ‘The Dom’, ‘Black Pitch’, ‘Element’ and ‘Intrigue’. To add impact paint lattice, screens, posts, balustrades in a dark accent. Designer tip: A dark colour used on lattice, fences, screens or slats recede allowing other details of your home to feature alongside the dramatic dark accents.

Selecting a strong contrasting combination will add that instant appeal to your home. Every home is individual, we look forward to assisting you with your selections. Drop in store any time for helpful advice with your colour schemes, or book a professional consultation one on one with me by calling 0429 611 866.

Image credit: Pinterest

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