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Tricks of the Trade!

'Modern New' to 'Existing Traditional' homes can all benefit from a few tricks of the trade to rejuvenate and add interest to your home. Whether it be a new build, full makeover of an existing room, or a refreshing room revamp, here are a few of my personal design tips to consider:

CONTRAST: Utilise the drama of a contrasting scheme, with the unique play of light and dark. Try complete opposite tones of black and white, or monotone shades, taking the main neutral colour and amping it up several shades darker as a feature. TEXTURE: Texture plays an integral part of a well balanced room. Even with subtle white on white schemes, texture plays an important role – whether it be large natural woven rugs, cushions or throws. Natural architectural elements of timber and brick finishes should also be considered.

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COLOUR: Do not under estimate the power of colour! Bold walls or feature walls, even pops of colour added to cushions and accessory items, add a power play mix to a memorable interior. The correct colour even helps with emotions; greens/blues are considered calming and restful,  reds/burgundy are stimulating, whilst yellows/oranges are associated with cheerful/fun.

FURNITURE PLACEMENT: Strategic furniture arrangement, even simply rearranging furniture and decluttering a room, can create the appearance of a more spacious area. Selecting the correct rug size is also critical

LIGHTING: Ceiling lights, flush fitted, pendants, and lamps are all lighting aspects that should be considered. Consider how the area is used, do you need ambient lighting or direct task lighting?

STYLING: Strategic placement of statement decor items, personal collections and plants create a true sense of home, enabling you to put you own personality into the space. Be cautious not to over clutter and remember the golden rule “less is more” to avoid cluttering.

Image credit: Pinterest

We’re here to help! Call me any time for a custom consultation at only $65 per hour. Alternatively, you can visit one of our Inspirations Paint CQ stores for professional advice on your projects any time.

Happy Painting!


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