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Auto Paint - You're Doing It Wrong

Updated: May 14, 2019

Do you have a few scratches and dents on your beloved wheels that need a touchup? Don't take it upon yourself to touch it up without first reading our tips below because chances are you are doing it wrong.

Trust us you don't want your car to look like this when you are finished!

People often take it upon themselves to touch up that nasty scratch on the door that trolley left behind at the shopping centre but don't have the skills, products or know-how to do it properly. The most common mistakes people make are:

Using the Wrong Sandpaper

What a lot of people don't know is that sand paper isn't fit for one purpose only. There are different types of sandpapers that should be used on different surfaces. When touching up your wheels, be sure to use the right sandpaper and after the area has been sanded back, ensure you use a prep solvent first before painting to clean off any excess grime, dirt, dust and road grease.

Painting in the Summer Heat

Painting in the Summer is a big NO NO as the behaviour of the paint changes causing blotches, bubbling and discolouration. In saying that painting in super cold weather can also cause similar results for the same reasons. So if you want to give your wheels a makeover Spring or Autumn are the best times to do it but remember that where possible, you should try and be in the shade and definitely not in direct sunlight.

Wrong Paint Selection

Some people choose to take the "easy way" out and just head down to the closest hardware store or paint shop and pick up a colour that looks close enough to the paint colour. Closer enough is just not good enough when it comes to painting your wheels. No matter how close it looks when you purchase it, as soon as the paint starts to dry, the paint colour drastically changes its shade leaving your wheels to look like a disaster.

Don't fear, this is where Inspirations Paint CQ can help you out by using our RapidMatch X-5 Spectrophotometer to perfectly match your paint colour to make sure your wheels look as good as new once you are finished.

Wiping Up the Excess Paint with Paper Towel

Another mistake people make is to wipe up the excess paint with paper towel. The paper towel tends to stick to the tacky paint and leaves tiny bits of it behind which causes imperfections in the paint which are never good. We recommend that you use a soft cloth to remove any excess paint from the area to avoid defects occurring.

Don't make these dreaded mistakes and leave your prized possessions looking like they belong at the wreckers. Come and see us today and let us help you get your wheels looking smick again.

We are the auto paint specialists and have everything you need to help fix up your car, caravan or trailer to make sure you get the best, professional results.

Come and check out our In-store Auto Spray Booth, where you can try before you buy to make sure you get the perfect spray gun that works for you. We also have the latest colour matching technology on offer so we can get you on your way with a colour that will look perfect on your wheels. It can't get much better than that!

If you are in the mood to give your wheels a makeover this Spring, be sure to check out our Auto Sales Catalogue for all our sale products that will help you save on restoring your pride and joy. Click here to view our Auto Sales Catalogue today.


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