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Colour Without Commitment

How would you love to add that new pop of colour to your room? It doesn't have to be a costly or time consuming exercise with new pieces of furniture and a whole new paint job throughout. Why not bring some of your old and dated pieces of furniture back to life with a mini makeover. It's very simple!

Have a good look at your furniture items in your home and pick one that maybe you used to love dearly when you first purchased it. This could be anything from small items like lamps, frames and the light fittings to those larger things around your home like your bedroom duchess or the dining room chairs. Then it's time to give your DIY skills a work out to give it that facelift it's in desperate need of.

Porters Paints offer a comprehensive range of paint finishes to suit your style. Some people choose to go with a metal and more industrial feel with burnished aged metal, cooper, rose gold and silver finishes while others prefer a more vintage and beach feel with the chalk paint range. Whatever your style, Inspirations Paint CQ has got you covered.

Check out these before and after shots to give you the inspiration you need to become the DIY master.

Image Source: ScrapHacker

Image Source: Lovely Little Snippets

Image Source: ScrapHacker

Image Source: ScrapHacker

Image Source: Pinterest

As Inspirations Paint CQ's Design and Colour Expert, I can help you decide on the perfect product and colours to compliment your decor style whether it be Classic Chic, Urban Warehouse, Modern Scandi, Soft Blush schemes or Eclectic tastes. Be proud of your creations and showcase your "one off" masterpieces as the feature of your room.

Another helpful tip to bring some new life into your home is purchase some nice fresh and up-to-date scatter cushions and throws which can be done at a minimal cost to really refresh your room.

See, I told you it was simple!

If you need some assistance with DIY processes, give us a call today or check out our other DIY blogs for tips.

Remember renovating doesn't have to be difficult or costly - give it a go yourself. I promise it will be fun!


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