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DIY: Marble + Rose Gold Mugs

We turned these dated plastic mugs into something unique simply by using our Duramax Rose Gold and Duramax Marble Effect aerosols! You can do it too by following our guide below:

Step 1: Ensure the surface is clean, and tape the areas you want to be marble with masking tape.

Step 2: Spray the exposed areas with a coat of Duramax 'rose gold' aerosol, and allow to dry.

Step 3: Once the rose gold areas are dry, tape them with masking tape and remove the original tape.

Step 4: Spray 1-2 coats of Duramax 'gloss black' to the exposed area. When the gloss black is dry, spray a light coat of Duramax 'Marble Effect' on top of the black (it sprays like silly string). Apply a coat of Dura Max 'clear coat' once dry for a professional finish.

See the step-by-step image series below!


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