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Shut the Font Door!

Updated: May 13, 2019

Image Source: Pinterest

Go ahead and make a statement to your home or business! Instead of painting the entire dwelling a vibrant, intense colour, why not feature the front door? This is an upbeat, quick and easy way to add a lift of colour and perhaps link your interior scheme with the exterior.

Popular colours like yellows, aquas, blues, turquoise, grey tones, and even pinks are in demand!  One rule though; as long as the pop of colour relates to or contrasts with your scheme, it will be a winner!

Image Source: Pinterest

Traditional timber doors can also pop with dark stains and charcoal frames, coupled with a statement door knob. Modern flat doors sometimes lack interest, so try using a rust finish paint for a totally different look. A rust finish enables the door to look like a weathered sheet of metal, which looks great against dark trims with brass trims. An added bonus is that painting a feature front door is a quick and easy project to undertake and complete over the weekend or holidays with minimal fuss.

Image Source: Pinterest

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