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Approved Painters can help get the project done!

Updated: May 15, 2019

When life is busy the last thing you want to do is work on the house. All those pesky projects that need to be done take away from quality time with the family or just relaxing on your days off. Never fear, Inspirations Paint CQ have you covered with our local Approved Painter service.

Let’s be honest, everyone thinks they can take care of their interior painting. Truth be told, there are more options available now than there has ever been for DIYers. Paint colours, tape, rollers and methods to apply creative techniques to your walls. You can’t be expected in one weekend to perfect what an industry expert has mastered in years of hands on experience. Which is one really great reason you should just go ahead and invest in the pro.

The Inspirations Paint Approved Painter service is focussed on matching the right local painter to your job within your budget. They’re the original paint specialists and customer satisfaction of products and services is the most important thing to them. With stores in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Gladstone, Emerald and Bundaberg, they’ve got CQ covered.

Top reasons to get an Approved Painter

1. Experience

This is perhaps the simplest and most important reason of them all. Hiring a tradesman produces high quality results no matter what. From tools to techniques, Approved Painters have the knowledge and experience to paint every surface and every room with care and diligence. In addition, they will identify and notify you of any repairs-many of which you would probably miss if you did decide to take on the project yourself.

2. Quick results

From preparing the room to making multiple trips for supplies (often a few more than expected), painting your own home almost always takes longer than you originally planned. Our Approved Painters will give you an accurate estimate of required time and won’t have to incorporate extra time for supply runs and repairs. Plus, when you book through Inspirations Paint we offer up to 3 free quotes, option for the job to start within 48 hours if you need it done fast.

3. Cost friendly

While painting your own home may seem like the budget-friendly option, hiring an Inspirations Paint Approved Painter ultimately saves you money. There’s no need to worry about underestimating cost of paint, supplies, and clean up…our trusted Pro Painters are prepared to give you an exact rate that will compete with the cost of doing it yourself.

4. Tools for the job

It’s more than just paint and rollers. In order to get the highest quality results, you need the highest quality tools. As we mentioned, the pros come equipped with only the best tools to ensure that you’re more than satisfied with your results.

5. Reduced stress

Hiring a professional painter will give you peace of mind when it comes to painting any room in your house. You won’t have to worry about unexpected costs, possible injuries, or unsatisfactory results. Professional painters are insured and guarantee satisfaction. If you’re unhappy, they’ll fix it at no extra expense. It’s as simple as that.


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