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Feeling Festive - Kids DIY Project

Updated: May 15, 2019

At Inspirations Paint CQ, we are in full swing preparing for the festive season! Our team is busy helping DIYer’s to spruce up their places, before their busy entertaining schedules begin! We’ve heard everything from plans to repaint a feature wall, to recoating the deck and even completing a full-blown renovation. If this is you, we suggest that you start small and have a chat to us about where to start!

While you’re busy planning your next summer spruce up, why not put the kids to work too? We’re providing FREE chip brushes, so the littlies can dabble in DIY.

Here’s how:

Tools Required:

  • FREE chip brush

  • Rust-Oleum 2x Apple Red Spray Paint

  • White Felt

  • PVA Glue

  • Green holly shaped sequins

  • Red 4mm rhinestones

  • Red 10mm pom poms

  • Googly eyes

  • Tape

  • Scissors

Christmas DIY Project

Step 1:

If you're planning to hang your Santa brush, start by drilling a hole at the top of the handle.

Step 2:

Using painter's tape, cover up steel ferrule of the brush and the bristles. Spray both sides of the wooden handle and allow to dry.

Christmas DIY Project

Step 3:

Cut a strip of white felt, 2cm wide x 12cm long. Glue felt onto the brush at the top half of the steel ferrule, allowing the felt to overlap slightly at the back.

Christmas DIY

Step 4:

Glue on googly eyes and red pom pom nose.

Step 5:

Attach holly leaves and red rhinestones

Christmas Brush Decoration

Ta-da! You're done. If you chose to drill a hole at the top, thread some cord through and hang on the Christmas tree.

Get the kids involved this Christmas and let them have a go at a DIY project. If you need any further inspiration or have any questions about your next DIY project, come and have a chat to our friendly Inspirations Paint staff.


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