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Bold and Beautiful Exteriors

Generally speaking, the majority of effort made when decorating our homes is put into the Interior. Colours, textures and metallic finishes applied liberally to the Interior are quite a contrast to the more minimalist look frequently found on the Exterior of the home. Not that I am suggesting that the Exterior is being neglected, just that the vast majority of Exterior schemes for homes prefer more neutral schemes ranging from Greys, Whites, Taupes and Beige – most offset with a crisp white trim.

Neutral schemes are selected more often than not as they are perceived to give a more timeless look to the home, therefore, the Exterior looks great for longer and due to the longevity of Exterior paints available in the market place, costs involved in painting an entire Exterior is minimised.

The intensity of the scheme then comes into play. Some homes like those choosing to adapt a coastal feel, use colours such as grey and sand palettes with a blue or green base and white trim. Others are after a more sophisticated, city style look and opt for the moodier and darker charcoal based greys, lightened with a crisp, white trim. This method also applies to the Taupes, Beiges and Mushroom toned schemes.

No need to be boring and stop there – add pops of colour to the neutral scheme by creating a statement Front Door and Letterbox – in darker tones of the Exterior scheme, or bolder Charcoals, Blacks or Reds depending on the scheme.

There are some awesome Entry door looks trending right now in Yellows, Pea Green, Lime Green, Aqua Blue, Denham Blue and Turquoise Greens. Add other elements to the Exterior of your home with painted pots, outside furniture and exterior rugs, cushions and throws to compliment the pops of colour used at the entry. You can still have your timeless look but bring in a modern element into the scheme at the same time.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

For more inspiration on how you can add some character to your home exterior, check out our Inspirations Paint CQ Pinterest Board.

If you are unsure on the perfect colour scheme for your home, professional advice is only a call away. Give us a call or come and see us at one of our

Inspirations Paint CQ stores and we will be more than happy to help.

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