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Embrace your Inner Kendall with Pink!!

Pink interiors is hot topic of recent times after Kendall Jenner released a statement saying that she painted her room pink to help with her weight - a 'Skinny Wall' as she called it.

Is it true that painting your interior can help with your weight loss? Well I guess we will never know but either way it is very on trend and will certainly create a unique looking space. It's worth a shot right?

Not only is it supposedly used to help with weight control and suppressing your appetite, pink is a calming colour and can relieve stress. The colour, Baker Miller Pink in particular, has even been used in various jails across the world to control the temperaments of the prisoners. Researchers say that even if a person tries to be angry or aggressive in the presence of pink, they simply can't.

Forget all that, who doesn't love pink though right? It's such a fun colour and is very on trend for 2017. It seems Barbie was on to something all the years ago and now Kendall Jenner has brought the pink back to life.

Still think it's a bit risky to dabble with pink and splash it across all the walls, well you don't have do it in such a bold way. You can add some pink to your interiors in a more subtle way to create a similar effect - you might still be a little tempted to dig into the ice cream container though who knows.

Check out some of pink inspiration to see how you can add pink to your home. Don't forget if you love it so much, you don't even have to stop at the walls, why not paint the ceiling or the floor pink too for an everlasting effect.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: HGTV

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

For more inspiration on how you can add pink to your interiors, check out our

Inspirations Paint CQ Pinterest Board.

Embrace your inner Kendall Jenner and create a calming space for your interior with a touch of pink.

If you need help selecting the perfect shade of pink, come and see us at Inspirations Paint CQ and our expert Colour Consultant will be more than happy to help.

Happy painting,


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