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Floral Inspirations

The fabulous thing about using botanical florals and foliage as inspiration is the many tones and hues that nature has on offer. Floral inspiration can come from any number of flowers or plants in the Botanic family – the combinations are endless.

Modern trends are now leaning towards larger floral patterns, in contrast to traditional smaller floral prints that were commonly found on wallpapers and fabrics.

Image Source: Pinterest

The beauty in a larger pattern is that only a small area needs to be updated to breathe life back into the space. Whether it's a wall behind a bedhead, an entry wall, a lounge or dining wall, no area in your home is excluded from a floral refurbish.

Image Source: Pinterest

Embrace a large floral pattern and go for impact with a statement wallpaper, creating a welcome change to a dated coloured feature wall.

Image Source: Pinterest

The current colour pallet includes, off whites, beige greys, cool greys, blush tones, moody blues and lush greens, which all work in beautifully with a floral pattern. Remember, wall paper is only one option, try adding some floral artwork and soft furnishings, such as cushions or a statement chair or to further pull off the floral look.

Of course, advise is only a call away contact us to arrange an in-store visit or at home consult today. For more Floral Inspiration's, check out our Inspirations Paint Pinterest Board.

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