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Painting a Royal Nursery!

Updated: May 14, 2019

When choosing paint you're likely to consider the colour or the finish to help choose the right paint for the job, however for the pregnant Duchess of Sussex, just any standard paint won't be found in the royal baby's nursery.

Meghan, who is due to have her first child with Prince Harry in April, has opted for a vegan, odourless, non-toxic, eco paint for the royal baby’s nursery.

Paints are made up of a variety of ingredients and some can cause negative symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and nausea. However, these problems can be avoided or at least minimised with low or zero VOC paints. Low VOC paints emit less odours and offer faster drying times – however you don't have to be the Duchess of Sussex to get your hands on them! Low VOC paints such as Taubmans Easy Coat, Porter's Mineral and Taubman's Pure Performance are a few of the eco paints available at Inspirations Paint CQ!

So if you're concerned about the health and environmental impacts of the tins of colour you're using to Spruce up your next project, get in touch with the friendly team at one of our Inspirations Paint CQ stores about our products today. We are more than happy to help you choose the best paint for your painting needs!


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