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Weathered Finishes That Add A Modern Touch!

Updated: May 13, 2019

Sleek modern design is stunning and flawless! Let's face it, we all love stone tops, formed concrete tops, gloss 2 pack, sealed concrete floors, gloss tiles and tile textures. However there is a need for balance. Too many architectural features and hard finishes can tend to leave a home or interior space looking slightly sterile and cold. Adding a few clever and strategic touches such as weathered finishes to the mix, adds interest, warmth and character to an otherwise clinical space.

For a home exterior, this can be achieved by adding a rust finish letterbox, entry door or gate and aged cooper, repurposed bricks, aged farmhouse style timber boards or steel/metallic finishes to architectural features like the entry cladding, fences, doors and gates. Weathered finish accents add interest to both modern homes, architectural designed homes and traditional homes.

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Internally, a weathered finished applied to a feature wall in reclaimed brick, repurposed timber, copper or rust metal can create a stunning and unique look. You can even explore further with weathered finishes by adding aged timber stairs, feature doors, aged kitchen cupboard fronts, rusty metal sculptures and more. This look doesn't have to just be applied to the fixtures but it can also be used in your furniture pieces by using simple white wash, bright colour washed tones all cleverly selected to suit whatever style you like - whether that be beachy, shabby chic, french provincial or mediterranean.

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With any special, aged or weathered finishes it is highly recommended to seal the surface to stop further aging and perishing of the rust, timber, copper or bronze patinas. We have a large range of products available at Inspirations Paint CQ from Rust Stop, Penatrol, Sikkens, Haymes clear timber sealer, wax finishes, oil sealers, Porters Paints and more. We have an entire range to colour, wash, seal and protect your weathered finishes.

Be inspired and add a weathered finish to your exterior, entry area, interior feature wall, living area or bedroom. We are here to help. Come and see our friendly team at Paint Place for advice on how to achieve and retain your desired weathered finish.

See you in store.

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