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Give the Wet Areas a Facelift!

Over the Christmas Break is an ideal time to get those DIY jobs done. There is still time to paint the guest room, or main living area in time for the Christmas festivities.

However, wet areas such as the Kitchen and Bathrooms often get overlooked when it comes to painting as a vast majority of Kitchens and Bathrooms are usually tiled or sheeted. These surfaces have been hanging out in those areas for some time, along with their friends aka the laminate surfaces usually found in cream and apricot tones - you get the picture.

It's not as costly as you'd think to get these rooms freshened up. Instead of ripping everything out, there are a few great products on the market to cover and paint these dated finishes to instantly transform a tired looking Kitchen or wet area.

Tile Paint is available in a Satin or Gloss finish depending on the look you are after and can be tinted to almost any colour you choose in the white, off white, grey tones. Once you apply the tile paint over the dated wall tile surface, it breathes life into any splash back or shower/bath area.

Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Curbly

Image Source: Pinterest

Another fabulous product on the market is Laminate Paint used to paint over dated laminate colours on Kitchen or Vanity cabinetry. This is also available in Satin or Gloss finish and can be tinted to suit any interior decor.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Saving the best till last we have Bench Top or Vanity Top paint which is an epoxy like paint which can be rolled onto the Vanity or Bench top making over the drabbest of cabinetry in Galaxy Black or White with a subtle shimmer detail to it.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Base line on this is that any of these treatments do not cost the earth, can be carried out swiftly and easily without major downtime to the area, and are fun and easy to use.

Happy painting,


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