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Superior Exteriors

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Street appeal is vital to your home. From the day-to-day vibe a home creates for the occupants, to the welcome a home project, to visitors and potential buyers when selling.

Inspiring exterior colour schemes steer away from white and off-white, to more mid-dark toned house colours with contrasting white trims to accent the architectural details. These include window sills, posts, balustrades and fretwork details. Colour tones for main house colours lean towards muted grey tones, from neutral taupe based greys to cool blue based greys. 

For a bolder look, try dark inky blues or smoky charcoals which all look stunning when trims are accented with white.

Image Source: Pinterest.

Alternatively, in some homes, a dark look simply will not work with the style or finish of the home. Try a lighter tone for the main house colour, with a colour block in a darker feature colour on the lower sections of the home, or architectural detail. Even creating a stand-out front door can create a statement entry and great street appeal!

Image Source: Pinterest.

Professional advice is only a call away... Either drop into one of our conveniently located stores for professional advice, or call me to arrange a colour and design consult in your own home at only $65 per hour.

Image Source: Pinterest.

Happy Painting!


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