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The Geometric Touch

Whichever way you chose to use it, the Geometric pattern looks so good right now!

Create a high impact, timeless scheme in any area of your home utilising Geometric patterns and finishes. Go for a bold and dramatic colour palette choice of deep navy & aqua or a chocolate & mint combination.

For a more softer, 80’s inspired scheme, try pastel and blush tones such as, pale grey, pink, blue, lemon yellow or charcoals.

Image Source: Pinterest

Create a full wall or part wall feature in your space that commands attention. Simply use good quality masking tape and paint to create, geometric patterns, abstract shapes, diagonal lines and harlequin patterns. The results are well worth the effort and easier than hanging wallpaper.

Image Source: Pinterest

Complete the look with a few strategically placed décor items or light fitting's and viola – stunning!

Image Source: Pinterest

If you require assistance with your colour choices we are only a call away.Happy painting/decorating from us at Inspirations Paint CQ.



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