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The iconic "Queenslander"

Updated: May 13, 2019

Every part of the world from as far as England to Asia all have a common thread, a unique style of architecture that affirms a countries specific identity. Australia is no Different. We offer a mostly all year round temperate and climate that is suited to the outdoor lifestyle.  State to state the interpretation of the great Australian outdoor lifestyle differs, none more uniquely than the iconic ”Old Queenslander”.

The Queenslander style boasts timeless timber panels, verandahs that span the whole exterior of the dwelling, sweeping staircases, fretwork, finials, window canopies, battens, gables and high ceilings. All of these design features and elements were constructed to combat the hot Queensland summers. 

The method of construction has withstood the test of time with the Queenslander remaining endearingly close to the heart for many families.  From existing heritage Listed dwellings to new architecturally designed versions of the Queenslander, the iconic design details do not fade.

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Queenslander homes have the ability to lure you in with their heritage looks and the grandeur feeling that can be transformed into a modern masterpiece perfect for our lifestyle. Not all Queenslanders still look beautiful, some are very tired and have lost their elegance. Adding new life to your Queenslander can be done by adding a new lick of paint. To honour the heritage of the home, a traditional but modern look is usually recommended and there is a large selection of colour schemes available. The modern pallet consisting of one mid to dark toned colour for the mail wall colour including gables and the fretwork, battens, railings, finials and trim details painted in a subtle while are generally the way to go. Verandahs, decks and stairs make a lovely contrast to the wall and trim colours with natural timber tones to preserve the timer finishes.

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It doesn't have to be all neutral colours though, you can be bold in your colour schemes. Dark exteriors actually add a very modern and exciting vibe to Queenslanders and this is very on trend at the moment. Remember Ronnie and Georgia's transformation of the old colonial style home in last year's season of the Block - it definitely had some wow factor. Even though it was a slightly different style, being a colonial home rather than an old Queenslander, the look will still be fantastic on a Queenslander style home.

Image Sources: Pinterest

For advice on how to achieve the right look for your home, come and speak with our experienced team or book a colour consult today. If you are looking for some more inspiration about how to transform your old Queenslander, check out our Pinterest board here.

See you in store.

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