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When is a Feature Wall not a Feature Wall?

Feature Walls are back – but with a difference! Forget the stack jarring images that come to mind when you think of a Feature Wall, there is no need to make a huge statement of a bold outlandish colour typically taking over the room. Feature Walls are back but are more of an “Accent Wall” than a feature.

The selection is made by utilising a typically darker version or contrasting muted colour to the main wall. This then adds substance and depth to the room changing the overall look when coupled with various layers of furnishing and textures in the room.

Right now the signature grey walls we are seeing are typically in a warm light coloured grey. When you add an Accent Wall for example behind the bed head, the entrance, the living room or dining room, there is no need to change or move away from the grey colour palette.

By utilising the same grey tones with a slightly darker colour, it creates depth to the area with a blue based dark grey or maybe a green based dark grey depending on the surrounding furnishings and artwork in the area.

Image Source: Home Epiphany

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Ideas Design

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

This also applies to White, Stone and Taupe colour schemes to create a layered tonal depth to an essentially neutral palette, using a play with light and dark tones.

Of course if you feel you need more of a boost to your scheme, a muted version of your favourite colour with a cue taken from the furnishings, fabrics or artwork in the room whether it be in a Dark Blue, Leafy Green or Warm Red /Orange will create a striking Accent Wall. Be sure to choose wisely when selecting your Accent Wall colours as you do not want them to be too intense. Keeping with the moody muted and dirtier tones will help create a perfect Accent Wall that everyone will love.

If you require assistance selecting the perfect colours for you Accent Wall, Inspirations Paint CQ is only a phone call away.

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